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If you are reading this text, then you have generously decided to spend some of your precious time on our modest resource. And in order not to abuse this gift, we will try to briefly clarify the questions that you may have.

More than 10,000 greeting ecards

All our e-cards presented in the catalog are created by our designers and are copyrighted works. That's why greeting pictures should be used for congratulate your friends and relatives on holidays, but not for commercial purposes. The submitted materials are distributed exclusively free and for them in any form no payment or other benefit can be charged.

Copyright holders

If, in your opinion, any material is unlawfully used on our site Wishecards.com or you have complaints about its content, then please be sure to write to us about this by e-mail mail@wishecards.com. In this case, please indicate a link to the material or attach documents confirming copyright. And after that the materials will be removed from public access or corrected.

Advertising on wishecards.com

The site contains advertising blocks necessary for our project to develop, and the collection is replenished with an increasing number of design ecards and greeting pictures. We try to carefully filter advertising materials and constantly improve their quality. If you think that they are too intrusive or offend your feelings, please let us know by mail mail@wishecards.com.

You can place your ad on the site

We are open for cooperation and are ready to consider proposals for placing advertising materials of decent content on the pages of our site and in our social groups. Please write to us at mail@wishecards.com.

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