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World Dracula Day - International

On May 26, 2022

About Dracula Day

World Dracula Day is an annual observance and is held on May 26th of each year. Dracula is one of the most iconic monsters known to man.

Count Dracula has been found to be a very big success as it has sparked in many movies and stories. It is this iconic vampire that has made people feel scarier as with his acts, and it has been honored with its own Day of celebration throughout the world. 

World Dracula Day celebrates and appreciates all the contributions Dracula has so far given to the cinema and literature, the most prominent of entertainment.

History of World Dracula Day

World Dracula Day honors the date that Bram Stoker’s Gothic horror novel, Dracula, was first published, which was May 26, 1897. Whoever created the day is unknown, though, and so is their reason for starting it. Was it a group of the book’s fans or just one person?

How to celebrate World Dracula Day

How to celebrate? Very simple. If you have a familiar vampire, then give him a cute gift, arrange a party in his honor or go to the movies together. If there is no such acquaintance, then read an interesting book about vampires, watch your favorite movie or series. 

World Dracula Day Cards

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