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Santa's Birthday - International

On December 06, 2022

About Santa's Birthday

Every year on December 6, the birthday of Santa Claus is celebrated. This date was not chosen by chance - it coincided with the day of veneration of St. Nicholas of the prototype of the character.

History Of Santa's Birthday

According to legend, Saint Nicholas, who lived in the III century BC. in the Roman province of Lycia, helped the poor and children. One day he learned that in the city of Mira, a bankrupt citizen was going to give his daughters to work in a brothel in order to get some money. Nikolai decided to help and at night threw three bags of gold into the man's house. The gold was thrown down the chimney and into the stockings which were being dried by the fireplace.

Over time, December 6 became a children's holiday: adults put on a dress similar to the clothes of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and threw gifts into specially hung stockings. In the 16th century, after the Reformation in Europe, the veneration of saints became much less, and the holiday was combined with Christmas, and St. Nicholas became Santa Claus.

How to celebrate Santa's Birthday

Celebrating Santa's birthday is very different from celebrating Christmas. If on Christmas and New Year, parents often make a surprise for their children - Santa Claus's order at home, children are given gifts with them in round dances, they sing New Year's songs, then Santa Claus's birthday is celebrated differently.

Before Santa Claus arrives, the living room door opens and a black hand appears. Only the children are not afraid of her - they recognize Black Pete, Santa's servant, and the hand begins to scatter sweets and fruits. The children collect them, and here comes Santa. But this time there will be no gifts. Strict Santa asks the children about their progress and leaves.

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