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Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day - International

On December 27, 2022

About Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day

Paper Snowflake Day is celebrated around the world every year on December 27th. Paper cutting is a very ancient art, found among different peoples. It originated, apparently, in China, where in 105 Cai Lun invented paper.

History Of Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day

Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day is a holiday loved by many. The idea originated in China, in fact, where paper was invented. It is believed that this happened in the 2nd century AD, and then the invention spread throughout the world. It was paper that greatly facilitated the opportunity for creativity, although earlier people made attempts to decorate their homes.

Subsequently, when paper was invented in China, people began to show their craving for creativity, using this malleable material, but cutting out patterns from it turned out to be no less difficult than creating masterpieces on birch bark. Yes, you need a lot of concentration, the ability to act carefully, you need a good eye, logical thinking.

The art of paper-cutting snowflakes spread rapidly around the world thanks to the Silk Road. Immediately from China, it penetrated Japan and other countries of the Asian region. The Japanese especially liked art, and in some ways they even got ahead of the Chinese pioneers. Entire festivals are held in Japan, competitions are held dedicated to the creation of snowflakes, other paper figures and other elastic materials.

How to celebrate Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day

There are many ways to celebrate Paper Cut Day in a fun and creative way. But the main message should be precisely in creativity. Often competitions dedicated to this day are held in educational institutions.

It is known that it is children and adolescents who show the greatest interest in this activity. And yet, no one forbids carved snowflakes to color, combine with other decorative elements, silver them, imitating a snow cover.

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