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Make Your Own Luck Day

On August 26, 2022

About the event:

Make Your Own Luck Day is a great time to direct your destiny towards success, productivity and happiness.

To do this, it is necessary not only to work constantly and hard, but also to be able to see opportunities where they are, strive for them and use all the chances that life throws up.

History of Make Your Own Luck Day

It was created in the USA by a certain J. Richard Falls of Irving, Texas. The holiday was celebrated for the first time around 1995 and the date was chosen by Richard for a reason.

August 26 is his birthday. Falls argued that on this day it is necessary, waking up in the morning, to be sure that the day will bring good luck.

Who, where and when:

  • When: August, 26th
  • Where: in World
  • Who: All

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