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This cute collection contains 11th month birthday wishes, beautiful congratulations, original words and best greetings for parents of little baby, their mother and father.

11th Month Birthday Wishes

  • I really want to congratulate your family on the eleventh month of birth of your beautiful baby! May adversity and troubles fly by very quickly, and may there always be love, hope, faith and happiness in your family! I love you with all my heart!
  • Happy 11th month to your beautiful baby! Time has flown by so quickly that you want to delay it a little, and then may your happiness last long and spread very slowly! I love you very much and am glad to be with you!
  • Happy birthday and 11 months baby! I wish your entire family good nights, joyful days and many happy years of life together!
  • Happy 11th month to your son! Let him grow up to be a real hero to the delight of his parents, friends and loved ones! Let his future be bright and successful!
  • Oh! And who is 11 months old today! That's right, it is little perfection! I wish your baby good sleep and health! May his parents sleep peacefully and live happily and amicably!
  • 11 months ago a small miracle was born, giving us great happiness! Now this miracle has a name, an incredibly beautiful smile and a loving family! All that remains is to wish the child happiness, and the parents more good nights and many, many happy days!
  • Happy 11 months baby! I wish her happiness and health! In turn, I wish parents patience and a lot of joy! Live happily and prosperously!
  • Happy eleven months to your little princess! I wish her happiness and good health, and the happy parents many wonderful moments together and long happy years of life!
  • 6 months have already flown by, but it feels like one day! The baby is growing quickly and of course makes his happy parents happy with his mere existence! And what will happen when he speaks and runs in! So may your days be filled with love and new victories, and may your eyes shine with a pure and bright light!
  • I don’t want to scare you, but 11 months have already flown by! How happy you should be that time has flown by so quickly! May your happiness last long and may your joyful days pass a little slower!
  • Happy eleventh month birthday to the little miracle! I wish the child a lot of joy, to look at the world with kind and happy eyes, enjoy life and be surrounded by a loving family, friends and loved ones!
  • I gladly congratulate you on the 11th month of birth of your baby! This is such a joyful event that you can only feel! May the joy of today fill your life and bring happiness to your family! I wish my baby to grow up healthy and cheerful!
  • Just yesterday I was a newborn, and today eleven months have passed! So let worries and problems fly by just as quickly, and let happiness and joy last forever! Let your baby grow up happy, cheerful and healthy!
  • The baby's first full birthday is coming soon! In the meantime, I’ll do a little training and congratulate you on the 11th month! Be happy together, love this life and each other, enjoy wonderful days, wonderful relationships and communication with wonderful people like me!
  • I am proud to have the opportunity to congratulate your family on the 11th month of birth of your baby! I would like to wish you good health and family happiness, joyful victories and new achievements, restful sleep and positivity in everything! Hooray!

Happy 11th Month Birthday Cards

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