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This cute collection contains happy 1st month birthday wishes, beautiful congratulations, cute words and best greetings for baby and his parents to first month from day of born.

Wishes on 1st month birthday

  • A month ago you saw a real miracle that made you happy. I wish you not to lose this feeling.
  • The first month has passed since you became parents. If you are still alive, then hang in there! It's only begining!
  • The baby is already a month old! How quickly it flew by! Although it was not the easiest for you, I am sure that it was the happiest! I wish you happiness and love, and your baby health and a lot of joy!
  • Happy first little birthday. Only a month has passed, but how much happiness it has brought you! So let everything continue easily and joyfully!
  • A month has already passed, and everything was like yesterday! Incredible, amazing, not very simple, but such a happy time. Happiness and love to you!
  • The princess is already a month old... This sun has brought a ray of happiness into our lives! So let the light around her only become brighter and warmer!
  • Hey parents! Have you already sat there in excitement? And only a month has passed! Relax, it will only get more difficult! And happier. Happy first month, baby!
  • Have I ever seen a miracle? Yes. I saw him a month ago when your baby was born! And I am very happy to congratulate you on this little anniversary, wish you love and patience, and health for the baby!
  • Friends, I have bad news for you! Now you can’t say that miracles don’t happen, because a miracle happened a month ago! And I want to wish this miracle many years of happy life, and his parents patience, love and more miracles in their family life!
  • Happy first month to your baby! May God grant him health and long years of happy life!
  • Dear young parents! I really hope that over the past month you have retained the remnants of your nervous system and a little sanity! Therefore, I wish you more good nights and happy days in the future, and only the most wonderful future for your baby!
  • Hooray! Happy first month! You did it! May you be rewarded with happiness and family well-being, and may your baby be rewarded with love and joy!
  • Yesterday he was a newborn, and today a month has already flown by! So let worries and problems fly by just as quickly, and let happiness and joy last long and endlessly.
  • Happy first month for your princess! I wish her happiness and health!
  • Happy 1st month birthday! Let it only become easier and more pleasant, more love and joy!

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