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This original collection contains congratulations on your five-month birthday, beautiful congratulations, tender words and the best congratulations for the mother and father of the little five-month-old baby and himself.

Happy 5th Month Birthday Wishes

  • 5 months have already flown by, but it feels like one day! The baby is growing quickly and of course makes her happy parents happy! So let her days be filled with love and new victories, and let her eyes shine with pure and bright light!
  • Wow! And 5 months have already passed! It was a little scary, but very cool! Let it only be better and more fun! Congratulations!
  • Congratulations on your baby's 5th month! I wish that mother’s love and father’s care will help the child grow up to be a kind and wonderful person who knows how to enjoy every day. I wish you great happiness to your family and only positive events in the life of your beautiful baby!
  • Congratulations to the baby on his five-month birth and to his wonderful parents! Be the happiest family, love each other and take care of your family hearth!
  • Five months ago we all saw a miracle! Now this miracle has a name, an incredibly beautiful smile and a loving family! I can only wish the baby nothing but happiness, and more good nights and endless patience for the parents!
  • The little angel has been with us for five months already! Let him grow up healthy, eat with pleasure, let mom and dad sleep at night and smile more often, illuminating everything around with their toothless smile!
  • Five months ago you saw a real miracle that made you happy. I wish your child happiness, and I wish you not to lose this feeling!
  • Hooray! Happy fifth month! You did it! May you be rewarded with happiness and family well-being, and may your baby be rewarded with love and joy!
  • Just yesterday He was a newborn, and today five months have passed! So let worries and problems fly by just as quickly, and let happiness and joy last long and endlessly!
  • Happy fifth month, baby! I wish her happiness and health! Good night to her parents!
  • Happy 5 month birthday! Let it only become easier and more pleasant, more love and joy, laughter and fun, kindness and prosperity!
  • Congratulations on your baby turning five months old! Let everything be not just good, but great! But I would like to wish her parents very little - just good sleep and long good nights!
  • The fifth month has flown by, but it seems like just yesterday the baby was born. So let adversity fly by just as quickly, and happiness settle forever in your beautiful family.
  • Happy 5th month to your beautiful baby! It's cool, it's wonderful, it's unforgettable! Don’t lose this feeling of happiness and fill every day of your life with family love!
  • Happy fifth month to your little miracle. I wish him to look at the world with kind and happy eyes, enjoy life and be surrounded by a loving family!

5th Month Birthday Cards

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