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This original collection contains happy 6th month birthday wishes, beautiful congratulations, cute words and best greetings for mom and dad of little baby who is six month old.

Happy 6th Month Birthday Wishes

  • My sweet, my little angel, my dear, turns six months old today! The most interesting things are ahead - the first tooth, the first step, the first word. Let your little miracle grow to the joy of your whole family, let him be the happiest, most beautiful, healthy and smart child!
  • It's been six months already! Hooray! I sincerely congratulate the baby and wish him to crawl and stand up boldly, find all the most interesting things everywhere, play well and never cry, enjoy every day with mom and dad, laugh merrily and grow up as a healthy, extremely happy child!
  • Congratulations to your daughter on her six-month anniversary! We will soon celebrate our first birthday, but for now I wish happiness to the baby and lots of joy to her parents!
  • So, 6 months have passed since the birth of the child! Even if they were the most restless and anxious, then everything will only be fine and even better! I ask this from the Universe for you! It will be so!
  • Congratulations on your six-month birth and wish your family great marital happiness! May God protect you from adversity and storms!
  • Today I am especially happy because your baby is 6 months old! How quickly this time flew by! Therefore, I want to wish that your happy days, months, years and decades last as long as possible!
  • This little miracle is already half a year old! Let your child explore this interesting world every day, learn something new, grow and gain strength! May God grant him health and more kind people on his life's path!
  • Your wonderful baby, for 6 months now he has been exploring the world and taking his first steps towards understanding it. Six months flew by unnoticed, filling our lives with joy and light. We wish him good appetite, joyful discoveries and sound sleep!
  • The baby is already six months old! Just think about it! Just recently his hands were shaking, holding this fragile miracle, but today he, with a sweet toothless smile, is ready to go himself and say his first words! Let this happiness continue!
  • Oh! And who is 6 months old today! That's right, little perfection! I wish your baby good sleep and health! May his parents also sleep peacefully and live happily!
  • Six months ago we all saw a miracle! Now this miracle has a name, an incredibly beautiful smile and a loving family! I can only wish her only happiness, and my parents many good nights and many, many happy days!
  • With a six month old baby! I wish her happiness and health! In turn, I wish parents patience and a lot of joy!
  • Happy six months to your little princess! I wish her happiness and good health, and the happy parents many wonderful moments together and long happy years of life!
  • 6 months have already flown by, but it feels like one day! The baby is growing quickly and of course makes his happy parents happy with his mere existence! And what will happen when he speaks and runs in! So may your days be filled with love and new victories, and may your eyes shine with a pure and bright light!
  • I don’t want to scare you, but 6 months have already flown by! How happy you should be that time has flown by so quickly! May your happiness last long and your days pass a little slower!
  • Congratulations on the sixth month of your little miracle. I wish the child a lot of joy, to look at the world with kind and happy eyes, enjoy life and be surrounded by a loving family!
  • I must joyfully congratulate you on your baby’s sixth birthday! This is such a joyful event that you can only feel! May the joy of today fill your life and bring happiness to your family! I wish your baby to grow up healthy and cheerful!
  • Six months is a very important date! You already know so much, you can do it, and you still have so much to learn! Grow, develop and give only joy to the whole family!
  • Today the wonderful baby turns six months old. I sincerely congratulate the baby and wish her great interest in life and knowledge of the world, tender care and loving loved ones, a wonderful mood and wonderful weather for wonderful walks!
  • They said on TV that today your baby is 6 months old! I hasten to congratulate you on this significant event and sincerely wish happiness and great love to your strong family!
  • I've heard rumors about your baby's wonderful 6 month birthday! I wish everyone happiness and hope you are invited to his first birthday!
  • Congratulations on your baby's 6th month. With all my heart I wish her curiosity and great interest in life, happy smiles on the faces of the child and parents, good luck and peace in the family, high prosperity and bright hopes, joyful days and fun walks!
  • Happy 6th month to your little miracle. I wish you to enjoy life and be surrounded by a loving family, I wish you sweet dreams and impressive walks, good emotions and good health!
  • I sincerely wish you that your baby's next 6 months will be as healthy and happy as the previous ones! Enjoy life and each other!
  • Happy sixth month to your beautiful baby! Let her grow up healthy and beautiful to the delight of her parents and grandparents!
  • Congratulations to the little miracle on six months of life. I wish him happiness and peace, joy and fun, sweet fun and wonderful walks, mother's tenderness and father's care! And yes, I dream of hanging out at your 100th birthday!
  • Happy 6 month birthday! Grow up happy and healthy! In the meantime, I’ll dream about how you and I will have a blast on your 100th birthday! True, then not only you will be toothless!
  • Congratulations on the first six months of the baby and his parents! I wish you family happiness and goodness, health and prosperity!
  • Happy six month old hero! May he grow up to be tough, cool and badass! I wish him to meet only kind and decent people on his way! I also wish him strength to cope with the rest!
  • I sincerely congratulate you on your six-month-old baby! I wish him happiness and good health, and you - family well-being and long years of life together!

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