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On this page you can download free happy birthday wishes, cool greetings, original quotes, cute text, beautiful phrases and funny words on bday for your friend and loved ones.

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Happy Birthday Wishes

  • Happy Birthday to you! I wish you happiness, joy of goodness! May adversity and troubles pass without you!
  • Never forget that your birthday is my holiday too! Happy holiday, my friend!
  • Happy birthday! I wish you in life strong hugs and sweet kisses, small problems like insects and strong nerves like pistachios, a gentle field of soul in daisies and a complete absence of pooping people.
  • I wish the cockroaches in your head to be smart and reasonable. Then there is hope that this army will bring you many victories. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday! Try to be patient today and courageously and steadfastly listen to all the hundreds of wishes of your friends!
  • Hangovers are tomorrow's problem, today is your birthday! Let's celebrate!
  • I sincerely wish you success in all your endeavors. May everything work out for you in the best and most favorable way. May good luck accompany all your plans!
  • I wish you all the best: better friends, attentive loved ones, more money and freedom! Live and rejoice, dream and make your dreams come true, sing and laugh! Remember: this is life and it is beautiful; take everything from her!
  • I wish that luck follows you throughout your life and that fate is always favorable. Smile more often and enjoy every day you live! Remember that fortune loves cheerful people!
  • Let Napoleon himself envy your successes, and let Mendeleev envy your discoveries!
  • Just be! Be yourself, be with me, be happy!
  • I don’t know for what good deeds, but fate rewarded me with you! I am proud and very glad that I can congratulate you on your holiday! And I want to wish you only the most necessary things: health, love and happiness to you!
  • I am very proud to have you in my life! I was very lucky! May you have the same luck! Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to this wonderful man! Many years of happy life to you!
  • With terrible force I hasten to congratulate you on your birthday and wish you the coolest and brightest emotions, positivity and good luck.
  • Happy birthday! I wish your problems to be small, like... an ant, and your successes to be huge, like... a blue whale. I'm talking, of course, about their size.
  • I would like to wish you that you can get any star from the sky, but at the same time be happy looking at a simple daisy.
  • If I could start my life over again, the only thing I would ask for is the opportunity to get to know you as soon as possible!
  • Another year has fallen into your piggy bank! Let the next one be no less valuable than the previous one!
  • You are a wonderful person and I am very proud to be able to congratulate you on your holiday! Just be!
  • When I remember how much positivity and kindness you bring into my life, I want to pay you back! Thanks for doing this for free!

Happy Birthday Messages

Short birthday greetings messages are great for sending to a mobile phone as an SMS or a small message.

  • Happy birthday, my beauty!
  • In short: you are old, be strong, I am with you!
  • Let your capabilities meet your needs!
  • Your presence on the planet gives me hope for a better future for humanity.
  • Happy Birthday, HUMAN! Here you must write all letters in capital letters!
  • When you were born, the Universe clearly decided to help humanity! Happy birthday!
  • I wish you happiness and health, love and friendship, hope and goodness!
  • May the passing years make you wiser and happier!
  • You know, I think I hit the jackpot when I met you! Happy birthday!
  • I wish you many good friends, like me, for example!
  • Congratulations! Wish you Love and Happiness! Enough!
  • Without you, I would have spent money on a therapist! Happy birthday and thank you for letting me save my mind!
  • Happy birthday, my free therapist!
  • Flying with you on this planet through space is a very pleasant experience! Happy birthday!
  • May your life be as bright as the sun above your head!
  • I wish you all the best and every indulgence!
  • You are a Man with a capital M and a huge heart inside! Be happy!
  • I wish you with all my heart many years of happy life!
  • Happiness and health, success in love and at work!
  • It's an honor to know you! I am proud, respect you immensely and wish you happiness!
  • On your birthday, let them wish you only what will come true soon!
  • Happy birthday! May everything that the people who love you wish for you come true!
  • I wish you to be strong, loved and healthy!
  • Happy birthday! Let Napoleon himself envy your success!
  • Happy Birthday to you! Happiness, joy, goodness and prosperity!
  • Another year has fallen into your piggy bank! This is the greatest wealth that cannot be taken away or lost! Happy birthday, oligarch!
  • Happy birthday! Love, happiness and fulfillment of desires!
  • Today begins your new journey around the Sun! Let it be unforgettable!
  • Happy birthday to your body! I wish him health and long life!
  • I wish you a joyful birthday and the fulfillment of your deepest desire!
  • Happy birthday! When blowing out the candles, forget about your modesty, but don’t forget about your friends!
  • Happy birthday! Happiness, love and good luck! Good luck, positive, inspiration! More children and patience!
  • I wish you a happy birthday and that's all... And may everything be fine!
  • I wish you bright ideas, dark nights and white streaks in life!
  • Happy birthday! Let even the black stripes in your life be white!
  • Happy birthday! I wish you the most important things in life! When you find it, tell me what it is!
  • Happy Birthday to you! Good wishes and their speedy implementation!
  • Happy Birthday to you! May life bring you a huge amount of goodness and joy!

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